Thursday In Ground Pools

Dimension One Spas offer the ultimate experience in relaxation and performance with an exquisite line of luxury hot tubs. Crafted with precision engineering, these industry leading spas are extremely user friendly and require the least amount of maintenance than any other manufacturer on the market. Sculpted from the most durable materials and utilizing the latest technology, these spas offer a multitude of health benefits for you and your family.  For over 40 years Dimension One Spas have been the gold standard for hot tubs. Come and open your door to relaxation.

16’ x 33’ - 6’ deep

16’ x 37’ - 6’4 deep

16’ x 41’ - 6’8 deep

16’ x 40’ - 5’10” deep

16’ x 36’ - 5’8” deep

14’ x 36’ - 5’8” deep

13.5’ x 35.5’ - 4’6” deep

16’ x 40’ - 8’6” deep

Reflections™ Collection

For the most comprehensive hydrotherapy performance, the Reflections™ Collection is designed for you. With seats of varying heights for different body types, powerful, adjustable hydrotherapy jets, and unique features you cannot find anywhere else, these hot tubs deliver a truly rejuvenating experience.

@HOME™ Collection

Designed with the precision and quality for which D1® spas are known, our classic line offers a refined hydrotherapy experience in a design that complements any outdoor style.