GLB Stabilizer - 4#


GLB Stabilizer -

Maximizes available chlorine in pools.


Stops chlorine loss due to excessive sunlight.


Reduces sanitizer consumption.


100% cyanuric acid.



  1. The most effective and economical use of our stabilized chlorine chemicals will be obtained if the pool water is first stabilized by adding an initial 30 ppm of GLB Stabilizer to the pool.
  2. To obtain a 30 ppm level, add 1 pound of GLB Stabilizer to the pool for each 4,000 gallons of pool water.
  3. Add slowly to surface skimmer. Make sure filter is clean with full pressure drop. Recirculate water for at least 6 hours.
  4. Maintain a cyanuric acid level of 30 to 50 ppm using a suitable test kit. Check the concentration of cyanuric acid periodically at least once a year.
  5. If GLB stabilized chlorination chemicals are used to maintain the pool, sufficient make-up stabilizer will be added thereby so that additional stabilizer will not be needed unless the pool water is completely or substantially emptied and refilled - in which case, pool water must be stabilized again. Certain non-stabilizer chlorine products will not, however, provide make-up stabilizer, so that additional stabilizer will be needed from time to time.


A properly stabilized pool will significantly reduce rapid dissipation and loss of chlorine caused by chemical reaction in intense sunlight. GLB Stabilizer acts as a "shield" against such loss, so that chlorine remains in the pool to do its job, during sunlight, more efficiently and economically.

GLB Stabilizer - 4#


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